8 easy low-cost ways to stay warm this winter (and cut your heating bills by 15%)


Here are 8 easy low-cost & eco-friendly ways you can cut down on your heating costs while staying warm at the same time.


Did you know that you can save 15% on your heating bill by turning your thermostat down to below 68 degrees Fahrenheit?

1. Block drafts from coming in through doors

*Doors are the biggest source of cold drafts. It’s easy 5 minute fix to insulate your doors with foam weatherseal tape and door draft stoppers.

Approximate cost: $12

2. Block drafts from coming in through windows

  • Your windows are the second largest source of cold drafts and heat loss. There are two very simple ways to fix your windows so you’re not leaking heat (and money) during the winter.
    • First of all, you should apply a layer of insulating plastic window film over the entire window. This temporary film is easy to apply with just the heat of a hair dryer and you can take it off when spring comes.
    • Second, thermal insulated curtains will block any cold air that does get in from spreading into your home.

Approximate cost: $40

3. Warm up your bed before you go to sleep with a hot water bottle

  • Most of the time it’s only our hands and feet that get cold at night. A warm water bottle at the foot of your bed will topped off with a down comforter will keep you toasty warm until morning. I like the German made FASHY water bottles. They cost a bit more (about $18) but I’ve used the same water bottle for 4 years without any leaks. The cheaper water bottles made in China are tempting (they’re only $6!) but they will leak water after a couple months. Plus they give off a horrible rubber smell.

Approximate cost: $18

4. Upgrade to a down comforter that will insulate by trapping warm air.

  • Down comforters are popular in Europe for a reason. Down is absolutely the best material to keep you toasty warm without making you feel like you’re being suffocated under layers of heavy blankets. You can get really good quality comforters from Amazon for around $200 that would normally cost upwards of $400 if you bought it from the big box stores. It seems like an indulgence, but a good comforter will last for 10+ years as long as you take care of it and use a duvet cover.

Approximate cost: $220

5. Wear layers instead of one thick sweater.

  • Layering your clothes helps retain body heat better. Add some thick wool socks and a scarf for even more warmth.

6. Upgrade your slippers!

  • Okay, so insulated slippers are usually worn by campers, BUT who says you can’t wear them at home! Insulated slippers and booties lined with down or lined with fleece are surprisingly cheap and comfy. Say goodbye to ice-block feet!

Approximate cost: $25

7. Keep something warm by your side.

  • Sip on some warm tea or coffee throughout the day. Not only will you stay hydrated, but you’ll also keep your hands warm as well as warm yourself from the inside out. Keep your mug warm and safe-to touch with a insulated drink sleeve like these from Amazon.

Approximate cost: $9

8. Let out your inner romantic. Light candles at night.

  • Switch to lighting candles at night when you have dinner or read before bed. Not only will the warm fire light improve your sleep, but it will also help keep your home warm. A $1 votive candle will burn for more than 12 hours. Buy a big box for less than $15 and you’ll be set for the winter.

Approximate cost: $14